About me

The last thing I ever wanted to be known  is as “a blogger”.


My name is Arif Jebtik, and as you are visiting my site, you may already understand that I am a blogger. In Bangladesh, a Blogger is not somebody people want to be known as. Here young people are killed in the street and nobody gives it a damn that victim is tagged as a blogger.
In the mass society no one heard the word  ‘Blogger’ until 2013. But after Shahbag protest in 2013, which was organized by ‘Blogger and online activists network ‘  and millions of people were gathered to demand the justice for our war victims of 1971 freedom war. As a counter politics, known war criminals and their media portrayed us as “atheist groups trying to defame Islam”, since most of the people do not have internet access or read our blogs and they are religious in nature, they started believing the propaganda. under this conspiracy the allies of the war criminals started killing Bloggers as a routine.

They have been doing it in a very professional manner,  where they arrange all the necessary plots to kill someone. (You can read how they planned to kill me here. LINK )

Well, you may ask what the government is doing to protect us? Actually they aren’t  doing much. I am not convinced that they are serious about finding the killers. For the government it is a very tough situation where their opponent (allies of war criminals) are trying to defame the government for not introducing the blasphemy law and hang us till death. I do understand that vote matters so the government may not be interested to deal with the situation for a young group of ‘Bloggers’. 


Street protest by radical people demanding me and my fellow bloggers death sentences. ( Wish they asked for a better looking picture of mine)

On the other hand the law on internet activism has been tightened. Our ‘democratic state’ has a very strong law called ICT act 2006 where the government can arrest someone for publishing in the Blog and social media which the government thinks ( quoting from the law) “fake and obscene” or its effects are such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or 

hear the matter contained or embodied in it, or causes to deteriorate or creates possibility to deteriorate law and order, prejudice the image of the State or person or causes to hurt or may hurt religious belief or instigate against any person or organization, then this activity of his will be regarded as an offense.”
and the punishment is very straight forward which is “imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years and with fine which may extend to Taka one crore.”( equivalent to $1.28K )
Now I think you can understand why I don’t want to be a blogger. I do not want to blog in the country where some killers are following me every day to kill me and the government is ready to imprison  me for ten years if they are not comfortable  reading my writings. I do not want to die in this stage of my life nor want to waste my precious 10 years behind the bars.

But still I blog!
I started blogging in 2007, at the early rising time of Bangla blogs. I used to write in the Bangla community blogging platforms. I was voted the most popular Bangla blogger of 2011 and awarded “people choice award” from Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. I am the author of 4 books.
I mostly write about politics, national history and analysis of global and local socio-political trends.

I think blogging is very important in our country. Despite of life threats, we need to continue the writings, because we are the last defense line between the radical fanatic groups and secular progressive Bangladesh.
We will hold the line.
We will continue our fight for a progressive Bangladesh till the last day. We may die in this journey but our dreams will not.
Happy Reading!